Termites in your home?

It takes about three to four weeks to see evidence of termite activity, but once they find their way in, these tiny termites can quickly relocate and can rapidly take over a home. In addition, they reproduce easily from the fragments of food they have access to, like wood trimmings, and insulation, ending up between the main beams of your home or framing. These areas are seldom checked on a regular basis. As a result, an entire wood structure can be quickly destroyed during this time period. There are some things that people don't know about termites, and that is that they are too small to see before they become a problem, and knowing that you have termites can help you to avoid a serious problem. A professional termite inspection is very important to help determine if you have an infestation and take appropriate action to avoid costly damages to your home since most home insurance companies don’t cover insect damage.

Termites can eat their way into your home

One way they can enter your home is by chipping away wood, which is a tremendous threat and allows them access to food sources. They can also enter through something as small as a door jam. Termites will burrow into homes usually through the walls, they will enhance their nesting box and work towards it using a chemical found in the feces they produce. They will tunnel through an attic space from your home to the outside of a typical house, and then work their way thru other areas of your home! You may see signs of it depending on where they are. Termites get into a home through means other than the obvious means. The main goal is to contain a widespread infestation of termites. Call a professional pest control company to come to your home or building to check if termites are active.

Inspect Your Home

By knowing how termites operate, you can be proactive about protecting your home. Have a professional inspect your home and the surrounding environment for signs of termites. Any areas of the external wood that looks decaying should be looked at by a termite pest control professional to see if termites might be operating in that area. A professional will determine if there is a termite presence and help to stop damage. Problems with termites will develop more rapidly when you're not aware of the early signs. 

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