How to Remodel Your Bathroom

Pantry style sink: A kitchen sink with a small sitting area above it adds a clean, yet compact look to any bathroom. This style is great for any bathroom that also has a laundry area as well as other small storage areas. For even more space, consider installing a stainless steel or other metal sink that fits over the counter.

Oxygenated bath products: Giving your bathroom a spa-like feeling can be as easy as optical add-ons. For example, air fresheners often contain amber-colored crystals while deodorizers also work to make your space smell fantastic, especially when heated in a heated cabinet. Other products that can make your bathroom feel updated and clean are new linens and free-standing candles in a variety of colors.

Custom shelves: If you have a huge amount of wall space and are unsure of where to put it, installing custom shelves can turn your space from ordinary to amazing. Install shelves that span the entire seams between the wall and ceiling in a variety of different sizes. A great way to set up a plan of organization for your new space is to buy some clear shrink wrap and paper that covers the empty space and is quite inexpensive.

Fresh faucets: Updating your plumbing can be as simple as purchasing new faucets. There are numerous different types to choose from, whether you're looking to update to a low-flow version or replace the opaque brass fixtures. The fluid the faucet puts out will also make a difference since the amount you water will ultimately dictate the product you choose.

For the floor: Linoleum, tiles, or floors are no longer the only options when it comes to bathroom floors. Outdoor carpets have become increasingly popular in recent years and can give your space an exotic and luxurious look while offering advantages like stain prevention and temperature regulation.

Sh financing: If you're interested in upgrading your space for the least amount of money possible, one of the easiest ways to do so is to take out a home improvement loan for the remodel. Normally the interest rate for such loans is quite low for a good credit score. If you really don't have the cash for a substantial loan but want to remodel your space, try using a credit card for your renovation. Consult your cards company for specifics.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that creativity is key when it comes to a bathroom makeover. Look around, do some searching on the internet, whatever you do use your imagination. It's one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, why not take a few minutes a day to get inspired!

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